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A special thanks to Pete Sav for maitaining these records.


Competition Average Winners





Merrett, T 1968/69 C1 Batting
Tuck, D 1970/71 A2 Batting
Saville, P 1984/85 A3 Batting
Felton, R 1985/86 C1 Bowling
Civitella, P 1985/86 C2 Bowling
McNiece, D 1989/90 A3 Batting
McNiece, D 1989/90 A3 Bowling
Lord, Darren 1990/91 B3 Bowling
Beames, J 1990/91 B3 Batting*
Gray, D 1990/91 B3 Batting*
White, M 1990/91 C2 Bowling
McNiece, D 1992/93 A1 Batting
Jordon, G 1997/98 A3 Bowling
Yze, D 1999/00 S1 Batting
Jordon, G 1999/00 D1 Bowling
Yze, D 2000/01 S1 Batting
Sceney, B 2001/02 D1 Batting
Fergus, J 2004/05 A2 Bowling
Dorsett, J 2005/06 A2 Bowling
Black, J 2006/07 A2 Batting
Fergus, J 2006/07 A2 Bowling
Gunawardhana, P 2015/16 DM Shield Bowling
Parsons, L 2016/17 DM Shield Batting
Rathnasiri, D 2016/17 A Bowling
Palihakkara, S 2017/18 A Bowling
Fergus, J 2018/19 B Bowling