Super 7s

Taking the reins from some of Yarra’s elite, I was given control of Yarraleen’s premium team in only my first season of coaching. Consisting of names from some of the greats like Cromie, Dullard and Amad I knew it was going to be a great year and it did not disappoint.  These 13 awesome boys and girls took the Super 7s competition by storm. Having fun, having a go, and making friends. The Yarra’s way.

Having never played cricket before the brother duo Hunter and Mitchell joined the squad and were first at training every week. By the end of the season both were handy bowlers taking regular wickets. Our four young ladies (Jessica, Sophia, Maya & Sofia) showed great determination to be better than the boys often leading the way with quick calls and running between the wickets. With Jess always there to keep me in check and lend a few words of advice. Her brother Ben while the youngest and smallest on the side had by far the most courage of an opening batsmen I have seen. Ben stared down many fast bowlers and took several balls in the helmet and body but never gave an inch to the bowler.

The standout all-rounders for the season where Will T and Noah. Both looked at home hitting fours and taking out the stumps from either behind or in front of the stumps.  I am also excited to see the left right combination power hitters of William B, and Angus next season peppering the boundary over cow-corner. The future of ‘Dullard cricket’ was held in good stead with Finn developing solid skills which included all the PPE in the right places this year.

Core skills in fielding, batting, and bowling improved out of sight over the season and owe this in part to all the parents and grandparents who get their kids to training and games on time every week. A big thank you to all the parents who helped during the season doing scoring, preparing fruit & generally just lending a hand to ensure our kids have a great time. With a special mention to the wonderful Hodgkinson’s as team managers.

Finally, two player’s development stood out this year and I am excited to award them both the ‘Most Improved Award’. Sofia Boyle and Lucas Amad.

Sofia holds a passion for the game like no other in the team and persistence at training and application of skills became evident on game day. Her stealing of quick singles became a hallmark of her game.  Lucas Amad in his first season found great pleasure with the bat and was one of our top scorers by season end. His attention to minor aspects of his batting technique should be commended. 

This wonderful group of girls and boys are the future of Yarraleen Cricket Club and that one is bright.

Coach Paul

Under 12s

It was a great privilege to coach the under 12s this past season. It is incredibly rewarding to coach a group of kids that want to be coached and to see the improvement they have made individually and collectively. We moved up to A Grade cricket and although we finished towards the bottom of the table, a number of really close results showed that we belonged at that level.


I think what is really notable amongst our group of kids is that they genuinely enjoy one another’s success and have great team spirit, this will stand them in good stead in the future.


Our most improved players for the season are Nicholas Turner and Harley Clarke. Nick’s leg-spin improved out of sight and spun webs around baffled opposition. Nick also played some really handy innings through the season.


Harley has a Jasprit Bumrah type set up with his bowling run up and through the course of the year became a dangerous wicket-taking machine.


The winner of the batting average is the mighty Runveer Rathi.


RV is a powerful, big hitter but equally committed this season to improve his defence and shot selection. This paid great dividends and this quiet but determined kid thoroughly deserves the batting award, finishing with well over 100 runs for the season at a very nice average of a tick over 45.


Bowling was really tight. Xavier Cromie had an outstanding year with an average of 4.5 and economy of .70. Joel Boyle’s bowling also improved enormously but the winner of the bowling average is Michael Gledden who took 7-30 at an average of 4.29 and economy of 1.58.


I am really pleased to announce that Michael also takes out the under 12A best and fairest for 2019/20. Alongside this bowling achievement, his batting was a feature with an average of over 30. Michael is a fierce competitor and an absolute sports nut who just is going from strength to strength in his cricket. Well done Michael.


Alongside these achievements, we had Jake Becchetti and Charlotte Smith excelling in representative cricket. We also had young Robert Bush making the leap from super 7s to 12As and this kid is going to be a star of the future. To all the kids mentioned and to every kid in the team who I am so proud to coach I say congratulations on a terrific season.


To the parents who are such a supportive group, whether it be working in the canteen, offering lifts to grounds, or just joining in a quiet post-match or post-training ale – I say a huge thank you for your incredible support.


To Maurice and Chris thank you for being the REAL coaches this year. You two have been an amazing support for years but I am so appreciative of the way you carried the load towards the end of the season when I was rarely able to get to games. I hope everyone is keeping safe and well and looking forward to seeing you when we come out of hibernation in 2020/21. Go Yarras!!


Coach Bear

Under 18s

U18s this year was a tough year with us getting close in so many games but not quite getting over the line. For the most part I thought we were very competitive and the boys did a pretty good job to stay in games. Tibbzy was very impressive in his first year as captain and despite the results, it was a very enjoyable year. I would like to thank all the players and parents for all their support throughout the year, none of this is possible without you all. 

In terms of the awards, we’ve had a number of guys who showed significant improvement including Toby and Daniel Spiz. But for me, the most impressive was one of the newcomers to the club, Jordan. He is a great kid and a wonderful teammate and we are really lucky to have him at Yarra's! So well done Jodie, keep it up mate.

The bowling award also goes to one of the new faces, with Addison Forbes finishing the year with 10 wickets at 12.60. Swappy was possibly the most dangerous with the ball and Gianni was very good when he got things right, especially with the new ball. But overall Addison was the most consistent. He is an interesting character but we really appreciate him playing with us this year and best of luck to you Addison in the upcoming years.

With the bat, it is no surprise with Sam winning yet another batting award. He’s absolutely dominated junior cricket for years now and again this year looked like the best bat in the comp when he got going. He finished with 126 runs at 31.5 but more importantly I felt towards the end of the year, he really started to bat with clear plans in both juniors and seniors. He’s got one of the best cricket brains and I feel he is really close to having a massive break out year in senior cricket.

The B&F goes to none other than Swappy Challa who again showed everyone how good he is. He finished with a batting average of over 88 including another hundred for Yarras. And his offies this year was a class above the rest. I think we all know how good a cricketer he is but he is another one really close to figuring out his game.

On a personal note, I would like to also congratulate Swappy, Samir and Toby who have started at a very young age and played through all the age groups. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the club and support you’ve given me. We really appreciate everything you’ve done and best of luck for the rest of your careers. And thank you to all the boys and the parents for another good year. Also a big thank you to Jack Dullard on his support with the coaching. Take care everyone and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.  

Coach Prashan

Club Awards

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any local sporting club and we are no different. Yarraleen has been built on the back of ordinary people going to extraordinary lengths to ensure people around them are in a better place. We would like to acknowledge all the contributions our volunteers have made whether big or small, in an official role or just simply jumping in to lend a helping hand. This includes all our committee, junior coaches, team managers, parents who help out, captains and everyone else who did their bit to make Yarraleen the best place to be in summer.

Arthur Demetriou Award

A big congratulations to the recipient of our Arthur Demetriou award in Luke Bowers. Named in honour of the late Arthur Demetriou, The Yarraleen Cricket Club is proud to honour the contributions made by Luke Bowers during the 2019/20 season by awarding him the Arthur Demetriou award. Awarded to the junior who both on and off the field displays the values which embody the Yarraleen Cricket Club, we are proud to call Luke Bowers a member of the Yarraleen Cricket Club and we look forward to his progression as an outstanding member of the Yarra's.

Michael Gell Award

Congratulations to the recipients of the Michael Gell Award in Daniel Perinetti and Charlotte Smith. Honouring the late Michael Gell, a member of the Yarraleen Cricket Club integral in establishing the Junior which has produced countless outstanding cricketers over the years, the club proudly awards the Michael Gell Award to Daniel Perinetti and Charlotte Smith.
Both cricketers who boast outstanding promise in their own respects, across his 12 innings for the club Daniel Perinetti averaged 38.29 including 3 50s. In addition, Daniel was also recognised with a call up to our 2nd XI in which he continued to put forth his case as one of the standout performers across our junior program.
Joining Daniel, we are also proud to also award Charlotte Smith the Michael Gell award in recognition of her groundbreaking 2019/20 season. Featuring prominently in our under 12 side across the year, Charlotte continued to break records making her debut as the youngest female cricketer in Yarraleen CC history. In addition to continuing to impress for the Yarraleen Cricket Club, Charlotte earned a well-deserved call up by BHRDCA in which she featured as a member of the BHRDCA’s Claudia Fatone Shield representative side.
Serving as joint winners of our Michael Gell award, we are excited to see what the future holds for both Daniel and Charlotte and will continue to support their development and respective cricketing journeys as proud members of the Yarraleen Cricket Club.

Best Clubman Award

One of the biggest honours we recognise every year is the Best Clubman award which is voted by the committee members to highlight the efforts and contribution of a particular member who has displayed extraordinary commitment and contribution. This year the award goes to someone who has in such a short time become an integral part of the club. Paul Smith had to wear many hats this year from junior co-ordinator, committee member, junior coach, manage club communications & grant applications plus many more. Paul, Teresa & their two outstanding kids are great role models for everything we value at Yarra's - family-friendly, caring, hard-working and striving for excellence at every turn. 
It will take us a couple of hours to talk about the huge amount of work Paul has done to push the Yarras junior program forward. Under his guidance, the junior program has taken massive steps forward and we are all extremely proud as a club to be associated with it.

Player Awards

Thanks Parso

1st XI premiership captain, YCC Team of the Decade & Team of 50 years member, batting average of 52, 11 hundreds in just 5 seasons, 3 x comp batting awards, 4 times club batting averages, 2 time club champion...the accolades and the ridiculous numbers alone scream Hall of Famer! But the 5 years at YCC was just a small part of an illustrious career encompassing 5,736 runs at 46, 149 wickets, multiple premierships as a captain, multiple ESCA Team of the Year member, multiple comp batting averages (twice crossing the 700 mark) & ECA’s Dunstan Medallist.

There is also the small matter of the exploits at premier cricket level, including the most famous hattrick since Peter Siddle at the Gabba. We can all the guess the name, we know the numbers, we know we have been privileged to witness one of champions of local cricket in action. Leigh Parsons will rightfully go down the in the history books as a champion player, inspirational captain and an absolute legend & giant in local cricket.

Parso is once in a generation player and we have been truly blessed to witness the show as he methodically & yet ruthlessly destroy many bowling attacks, all with the class & elegance that is hard to believe considering the destruction. But what is Leigh Parsons legacy at the Yarras?

Leading the 1st XI to a drought breaking win? quite possibly being one of the best, if not the best player in YCC history? being the iconic figure that this generation of cricketers will remember this period by? Answer is probably all of the above. But for me, it is the man behind the runs & wicket, the Leigh Parsons brand & what is symbolised to a generation of Yarras!

When Parso walked into the club, we were a club with talent but with past failures to convert in the big stage hanging over our heads like a bad hangover. A club with great people, but without the conviction to truly express ourselves on field that did justice to the talent. In Parso the club found a leader, who didn't just show us how the game should be played - but inspired us all to believe & rise above what we all thought was possible.

Parso played the game with the confidence & conviction that lifted everyone around him. Batting out 1-2 overs at the end of the day, after fielding all day is a matter of survival for many - but for Leigh it was an opportunity to get easy runs, a chance to stamp his authority in the game, small but significant period where the Leigh Parsons factor turned a bad day in the field into a us thinking no score was too big, in literally matter of few balls. That was the Leigh Parsons effect. With Leigh in the team, nothing was impossible, and by having Leigh at the club, we have created a generation of cricketers who will always believe.

A true legend of the game, match winner, true family man with a beautiful family, pretty loose unit off-the field, great leader, and great mate on & off the field! We have truly been blessed & we can't thank Leigh enough for his contribution to YCC - all we can hope is to carry forward his legacy in the way we play the game. Enjoy the retirement Parso!

Prashan Gunawardhana

Thanks Dino

A few years ago, at an indoor training session at Cutting Edge we got our first glimpse at this new quick everyone was talking about. He looked like he was one from the West Indies pace quartet in 80s and just quietly not many of us were that keen on the prospect of facing this bloke in the nets for the whole year. Fast forward few years and it has been one of the best signings in the club history, as not only we gained a champion player, but we were privileged to gain a special person who made everyone around him walk a bit taller and just simply made Yarraleen better place to be for everyone.

Dinusha Rathnasiri was one of the most loved and admired people in YCC history, but on the field, he was a fierce competitor. You may see him moving in between overs with a big smile on his face, cracking jokes and having the time of his life - but you give him the ball, and it's a whole new ball game. With the ball in his hand, Big deano was in his element, there was absolutely nothing that could stand his way. Over the years we have witnessed some of the most fearsome spells as the thunderbolt bouncers were followed up with sharp in dipping Yorkers. There was a sense of inevitability when Deano had the ball. You've seen this movie before, you know how it's going to end but there is simply nothing more captivating that watching the hapless batsmen try to put on a brave front, but deep down everyone knew the end result.

Deano's spells are hard to explain in words. Like a little sprinkle of rain, Deano starts with few normal balls, everything seems innocuous enough. One can only imagine batsman must be thinking "maybe today it won't be that bad". But sure as dark clouds that build up, you can see the pace cranking up, questions being asked every ball....slowly but surely the pressure goes up, wickets start tumbling and the whole team is crowded around the batsman. Before we know, it's a full blown tornado leaving nothing but destruction behind. Within space of few overs the opposition confidence is shattered, match is won, another memorable spell etched in the memory, a legacy is formed in front of your eyes. But the man himself would simply walk off the ground, grab a cold beer ( or 15) and within no time he would be sharing a beer and a laugh with the opposition like he is their best friend. Team mates, supporters, opposition & pretty much everyone loved Deano! You can't really help it with the bigger than life personality, the charisma and the infectious attitude that gravitated everyone towards him. You will not find anyone who can say a bad word about Deano and you will not find many people who hasn't woken up with a hangover because of him either.

It's easy to get mesmerised by the bouncers & yorkers, it was fast bowling at its brutal best. But underneath all that was an extremely skilful bowler who could execute any plan better than anyone. Deano was one of the most intelligent cricketers to have played for Yarras and the way he would plan, set up and execute batsman was work of art. There is small matter of 143 wickets at 12.62 with 7 x 5 wicket hauls & one 10 fer. These are serious numbers, and he was a serious cricketer! The accolades have rightly followed, Club champion, multiple club bowling & comp bowling awards in BHRDCA & part of YCC team of the decade. The contributions in ECA, where he was integral to the premierships for the Bears, 2 x ESCA Team of the Year (11/12, 12/13) cannot be stressed enough.

But you always got the sense that the numbers didn't matter so much, and nor did the accolades. It was always about the team, the team success, the one on one battle with the batsman & being the man that wins his team the game of cricket. But just as importantly, if not more, it was about having fun and making sure everyone around him had a good time. The fact that Deano finished as 1st XI captain, is a fitting end to a magnificent career and testament to how highly we regarded him. Deano was a leader we all looked up to, he was someone even without any captaincy tags that lead by example on and off the field. The club will never be the same without big Deano & we thank him for incredible career and amazing contribution. Bringing Parso to the club was good, but we are lot more excited about the prospect of mini Deano in Yarras colours to continue the amazing legacy.
Prashan Gunawardhana

Milestone Awards

As we roll on with our 2019/20 Awards weekend, we celebrate all those who hit milestones during the season that was. From Skeeta notching up his 300th game to Matt Pane and his unforgettable 159, season 19/20 proved to be a significant one for milestones. A special mention to Michael Bowers who caps off his remarkable 2019/20 season with featuring 5 times amongst our milestone achievers.

Games Milestones

300 Games

Chris Sexton

150 Games

Jeremy Cass

100 Games

Jack Dullard
Nadi Hamzovski

50 Games

Michael Bowers
Andrew Panayiotou
Lachlan Pane
Matthew Pane
Dinusha Rathnasiri
Dhilharan Sivaratnam

Batting Milestones

159 vs Nunawading - Matthew Pane
151* vs Nunawading - Leigh Parsons
102* vs Trinity Willison - Swapnil Challa
101* vs Vermont Sth - Michael Bowers
100* vs Laburnum - Michael Bowers

Bowling Milestones

14/4/4/30 & 15.1/3/6/45 Prashan Gunawardhana
14.5/4/7/28 Prashan Gunawardhana
18.4/8/5/25 Prashan Gunawardhana
10.2/2/6/23 Michael Bowers
20.3/5/7/61 Chathura Jayasinghe
15/4/6/49 Jack Bastasin
11.5/0/6/43 Toby Hansen
18/10/5/20 Sahan Palihakkara
15/4/5/22 Chris Sexton
6/0/5/11 Addison Forbes
7.3/1/5/19 Sam Turner

Senior Awards

We now move on to the all-important part of our 2019/20 Awards weekend where we celebrate our 2019/20 Batting, Bowling and Best & Fairest winners across all of our 5 senior sides. In a season which saw remarkable performances week in week out, each of our respective winners are to be commended on their consistency and dedication to their cricket.
Whilst we celebrate all our winners across each of our senior sides, a special mention to Prashan Gunawardhana and Chathura Jayasinghe who have been both jointly awarded the 1st XI Jason Fergus Club Champion.

T20 XI Awards


Rob Parker: 125 runs @ 41.76

Best and Fairest

Blake Chilcott

4th XI Awards


Michael Bowers: 365 runs @ 73.00

Best and Fairest

Michael Bowers

3rd XI Awards


Ramesh Nadarajah: 181 runs @ 47.25

Best and Fairest

Chris Sexton

2nd XI Awards


Sahan Palihakkara: 19 wickets @ 9.89


Matthew Pane: 294 runs @ 58.50

Best and Fairest

Blake Chilcott

1st XI Awards


Prashan Gunawardhana: 42 wickets @ 9.17


Leigh Parsons: 440 runs @ 44.00

Jason Fergus Club Champion

Prashan Gunawardhana

Chathura Jayasinghe

Congratulations again to all our award winners and we look forward to moving onto bigger and better things in season 20/21.
Yarraleen Cricket Club.

Life Membership

Congratulations Neshat Hamzovski

Life Membership is the highest honour a club can bestow upon one of its own. There is arguably no individual more deserving of entry into the Yarraleen CC Life Members club than Neshat Hamzovski.
No amount of words can sum up what Nesh means to Yarraleen, we could not be more fortunate to have someone of his calibre embedded in the fibres of the Yarraleen Cricket Club. In celebrating the outstanding impact Nesh has had on our club, enjoy the following words from our members.

"Congratulations Nesh, I could not be prouder to call a man like you my dad. To have grown up alongside you at the Yarras has been an absolute pleasure, you have embraced the club like no other and I could think of no award more befitting. To see the way you treat anyone and everyone at the club as if they are your own embodies your all encompassing desire to simply make people happy. You are the type of person we all aspire to be. Congratulations on life membership and I cant wait to continue creating memories with you at the Yarras."

- Nadi Hamzovski

"Congratulations baba on this achievement, I couldnt think of someone more deserving of this than you, The way you treat every member of Yarraleen as If they are Nadi or I truly demonstrates the good in your heart. You are one of the few people that do not need to score a 100 or take 5 wickets to have a significant impact on this club"

- Samir Hamzovski

"He was one of the first people to welcome my family and I into Yarraleen and it is no secret why so many others love Nesh. His value to our club is beyond numbers and accolades, and he optimizes what it means to be a good club person. I am very grateful to have gotten to know him over the years and look forward to having him apart of the club in the future"

- Lachlan Pane

"No one more deserving of life membership than the goat. Congrats Nesh! The King of Yarraleen whipping up the best bbq’s in town, as well as being a great role model and person to have around the club".

- Matthew Pane

"To Nesh, I’d like to extend a very warm welcome in joining those who have made Yarraleen the club it is by becoming life members. You and your families have been a great asset on and off the field and I know that everyone at Yarraleen has loved the effort you have made in helping our junior program and especially for all the wonderful BBQ’s you have helped everyone to enjoy".

- Chris Sexton

"Neshy you are one of the people who make Yarraleen the amazing place that it is. Happy, passionate and loyal; we are all thankful for the laughs, BBQ’s and support. I look forward to many years of watching cricket with you in the future".

- Leigh Parsons

"This man is the heart of Yarraleen. All those little jobs that must be done that no one wants to do, Nesh is the one who will always make sure they are done. I love the passion Nesh has in always wanting to bring everyone together".

- David Chilcott

"No one more deserving of life membership than the goat. Congrats Nesh! The King of Yarraleen whipping up the best bbq’s in town, as well as being a great role model and person to have around the club".

- Matthew Pane

"Nesh, congratulations on gaining life membership of Yarraleen, your commitment and dedication both on and off the field has been extraordinary. Thank you very much".

- Jeremy Cass

"Nesh is a truly genuine person who has always put the club before himself. A true Gentlemen & Clubman".

- Peter Broggian

"As you do not go to war without the gun, you would not have a cricket club like Yarraleen without Nesh".

- Ronak Patel

"You are the GOAT of BBQ and the main reason why everyone loves Yarraleen. The amount of work you do behind the scenes is an inspiration and there is simply no Yarraleen without you. Your passion to life and cricket, and the ability to care and look after everyone around you is amazing. You are truly a great man and a legend in every sense of the word - congrats on this well-deserved honour".

- Prashan Gunawardhana

"Playing is not Nesh's strong suit, but he is always a man you love to have on the field with you. Never short of a suggestion or advise, he often makes the game sound very simple. But his ability to continue to contribute behind the scenes with performing many thankless duties is greatly appreciated. Vegetta is great".

- Jason Fergus

"Nesh you epitomise what it means to be a member of yarraleen. You have everything from head chef, inspiring speeches and even switch hits, yarraleen wouldn’t be the same without you and the rest of the Hamzovskis. Thank you for everything you’ve done."

- Jack Dullard

Congratulations Rob Vidajic

Life Membership is the highest honour a club can bestow upon one of its own. It is with great honour that we welcome Rob Vidajic as a Yarraleen Cricket Club life member.
A fantastic servant of the club, Rob Vidajic can be described as the quintessential clubman, tirelessly working in developing and shaping the future of our junior club. The talent you see representing the Yarraleen sides of today can largely be credited to the efforts of Rob and thus we deservedly celebrate the monumental influence of the great Rob Vidajic

"Congratulations old man thanks for all the life lessons and inspirational sayings you’d teach the boys on a weekly basis as well as to go with numerous amount of times we’d argue in front of the boys. Congrats again well deserved."

- Adrian Vidajic

"Anyone who was lucky enough to be coached by rob knows how much he cared for the team and the club it self. He was able to teach us life lessons through his coaching and speeches, will never forgot when you encouraged us to run through the other teams fielding drill to show them we weren’t going to back down to any team. Thanks for everything you have done for me and Yarraleen."

- Jack Dullard

"This world will be a kinder and more generous place if we had more people Rob leading and influencing the next generation of kids coming through. Rob's influence on the club will be felt for generations to come through the leaders he created in his time as a Junior Coach."

- Dhilharan Sivaratnam

"Rob even though I never knew what you were feeding me or what you were talking about I loved catching up with you after a game. Thank you for everything you have done for me and for the club. The club is a much better place when you are around and I look forward to a few beers with you as a spectator next year."

- Leigh Parsons

I've always loved Robs passion for Yarraleen and he is the type of bloke that would do absolutely anything for anyone."

- David Chilcott

"Congratulations on the life membership rob! Your work through our junior years and being our coach has played a major role into all us boys becoming greater cricketers. The effort you and Nesh have put in behind the scenes and genuinely being outstanding individuals has helped shaped the club into a place where I can look forward to giving up the weekend to spend at the club! Thank you for teaching me how to hold a bat with your insight behind the nets every Wednesday night!"

- Kristian Panagiotou

"Rob has been a fantastic servant of the club, junior coach for a number of years, great service as a committee member and always there when you need support. From assisting with functions to packing up the club, Rob has always more than willing to roll up the sleeves and get it done."

- Jason Fergus

Congrats Rob for your ongoing commitment to the club, from coaching the thriving juniors dominating senior cricket today, to the bbq’s and laughs along the way, youve definitely made yarraleen a better place from being here."

- Matthew Pane

"Rob is one of the finest coaches I have had the privilege to play under. He was extremely generous with his time and really cared about his players and their development. His efforts have helped shape the Yarraleen juniors and the club would be a completely different place without him."

- Lachlan Pane

"Congratulations Rob. I am ever grateful to have had you as an influence in my life. There is no doubting you played an monumental role in establishing the thriving junior program we have today and we can’t ever thank you enough. I swear I also saved that 4 so another massive thank you for almost starting a brawl in looking to defend me from the opposition parents!"

- Nadi Hamzovski

"Rob, congratulations on gaining life membership of Yarraleen, your commitment and dedication throughout our junior program has been extraordinary. Thank you very much"

- Jeremy Cass

"Nesh and Rob are two truly genuine people who have always put the club before themselves. True Gentlemen & Clubmen."

- Peter Broggian

"The Cook, the barbecue king of the Yarraleen, you would be starving if you don't have Rob at your club!"

- Ronak Patel

"This is a truly deserving honour for everything you have done for the club from coach , committee member to anything to everything. Your contribution to junior program is something that will benefit generations of junior cricketers in the future. The group you have developed is a testament to type of coach, leader and the man you are. I hope you can sit back and enjoy them taking the club forward, with the knowledge that it was all due to your hard word and dedication. Congrats Rob, you are an absolute legend!"

- Prashan Gunawardhana

"To Rob, I’d like to extend a very warm welcome in joining those who have made Yarraleen the club it is by becoming life members. You and your families have been a great asset on and off the field and I know that everyone at Yarraleen has loved the effort you have made in helping our junior program and especially for all the wonderful BBQ’s you have helped everyone to enjoy."

- Chris Sexton

Congratulations again Rob, the Yarraleen Cricket Club will forever honoured to have people like you in its presence.
Yarraleen Cricket Club.